Listening is so important but so is asking questions, without asking questions, these sessions would of just stayed as passing remarks!

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

As a child, I remember being asked this question so many times and had strayed so far from anything I had ever wanted to be that I didn’t know myself anymore.

With Sheena Yee, Founder of Super Fly Honey

Sheena makes active-wear for pole dancers.

(I started in the Graduate Program at Deloitte because it sounded fancy, fun and prestigious when reps from the company came to my uni. I was easily sold.) It occurred to me that such a point didn’t exist, and worse, it occurred to me I wasn’t chasing a career, I was drifting into it.  And doubly worse, I don’t think I was even good at it.


Interview available soon

Interview available soon

Interview available soon

We get to be safe. We get to be whole. We get to be more than just a statistic

Oman Frame


“I love the mission and vision you have for your magazine! I love everything that is helping to move the needle forward towards a society that can more easily have meaningful conversations and connection with one another, and it seems like your vision could really help do that!"

Erin Magennis

“You have the opportunity to provide the market with something it doesn't have -authentic, deeply human insights into people doing their best to create and solve. There are millions of people like us out there, but there are almost no environments in which we really let our hair down and talk not only about the aspiration, but about the struggle and how we get through it.
I would rush to the newsstand to buy a magazine about that - about the other people like me (or if i was younger, people like who i wanted to be) and what it felt like to live in their skin."

Jeff Leitner, New America
New America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. 

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