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We Get To Be...

Open, quiet, loud, candid in the conversations we have.


We Get To Be...

The fire that sparks others now!

subjects covered

  • Understanding

  • Defense

  • Anxiety

  • Awesomeness

  • Beauty

  • The fight

  • The dance

  • Perception of self

  • Perception of the situation

  • Allowing to question self and others

  • Allowing to be questioned by self and others

  • Strength

  • Vulnerability

  • Authentic change


We Get To Be...


Subjects we will create a thesis upon and learn from

us / our brain / actions / behavior

  • Curiosity

  • Re-purpose of emotions

  • Habits, creating new habits

  • Resilience in connection with curiostity


We get to be "not normal"

While on a session with Sheena Yee

Sheena was half way up a pole when an older dutch lady walked passed and uttered "Niet normaal" (not normal)

What is normal? do we want to be normal? Sheena has created a business from designing and selling pole wear.

We talked for a couple of hours while walking around Amsterdam talking about both business and her personal (health) side of life and I think Sheena is happy with her "not normal" life.

A short interview while we created the images can be found here.


We Get To Be...

With Melanie Curtis.


Let’s Engage

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